Hong Kong Democratic Foundation (HKDF) was established in 1989 and is an independent, multi-racial, multi-cultural political think tank made up of local people committed to shaping government policy in order to make Hong Kong a more open, progressive society in which all people can share the fruits of its success. To this end, HKDF focuses on the development and promotion of policies.

Our primary activity is to seek to influence Hong Kong's economic, political and social development in accordance with the above. This we aim to accomplish through the production of position papers on relevant topics: developed within the framework of our policies and principles. Our papers are forwarded to appropriate Government Departments, often in response to their consultative documents; circulated to legislators and shared with political parties and other interested organisations. We also lobby actively for the furtherance of our ideals.

We hold monthly luncheons addressed by distinguished guest speakers on topics of interest to our members and useful for our policy development. Additionally, we convene meetings with experts, legislators and organisations for the exchange of ideas and the promotion of our own proposals.

HKDF is governed by a General Committee, but our principal organ of policy development is our Policy Committee, which meets once a month to discuss ideas, commission and review position papers.

Membership is open to anyone.